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February 2, 2022: MAGIS-100 Simulation and Analysis Workshop The MAGIS-100 collaboration started off the year with a 2 day workshop to discuss simulation topics and data-pipeline and -analysis plans. There were presentations from Stanford, Northwestern, SLAC, Fermilab, Universities of Chicago, Liverpool, Oxford, and Cambridge. In the first half we focused on current technical and science simulations. These included the imaging system and interferometry laser system, understanding systematic effects, and simulating a dark matter signal in the atom interferometer for extraction from background noise. There was also a presentation on the AtomECS software suite, which is developed for the AION experiment to simulate cold atom cloud preparation. Following these presentations were discussions of future simulation goals and how to consolidate efforts and resources into a unified simulation tool. The second day consisted of presentations on the current computing model and data-pipeline as well as various data analysis techniques for the experiment. To best understand the needs of the collaboration we had discussions on subsystem networking and data monitoring, such as environmental monitoring and the computing and storage needs for online data processing. These discussions will contribute directly to the preliminary design of the computing model and the MAGIS-100 run plans. Overall the workshop was great for discussions between all the collaborators, and a more cohesive approach to our simulation and data management needs for the years to come.